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Cord Blood Collection Survey
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Cord Blood Collection Survey Initiated


In addition to the familiar annual survey, the WMDA is sending out a new survey this year to gather information specifically from cord blood banks. The Cord Blood Working Group of the WMDA created this survey to understand the current trends and identify the main procedures in cord blood collection, processing, testing, and storage. The purpose of this additional survey is to identify the main technical procedures currently used by public cord blood banks worldwide. The information will be:

  • provided to transplant centers - as they are increasingly interested in characteristics of the cord blood banks themselves, in addition to information about a specific unit
  • provided back to the cord blood banks – as information they can use to compare practices and perhaps improve processes at their individual centers
  • potentially used for publication – as a description of the global industry of public cord blood banking

This survey, entitled “Cord Blood Bank Technology Survey”, is an online survey and should be completed individually by each bank. We ask that registries forward the survey to their network cord blood banks and monitor to be sure they are completed by February 13, 2015. It is anticipated that the survey will take approximately 30-60 minutes to complete. There is an option to save the survey in progress and return to complete it at a later time.

This original project is strongly supported by NetCord as it is in line with its commitment to provide high quality CB products to the transplant community. Therefore, NetCord members are encouraged to actively contribute.

The data will be published on the WMDA website, relayed by NetCord and will be made available to both cord blood banks and transplant centers. We hope to have preliminary results to present at the WMDA meeting in March.

Survey is here

A printable version is here (This may make it easier to enter information after data is compiled.)