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NetCord Bridge Update
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NetCord Bridge Update

December 12, 2012

The conversion of the NetCord VO into a new IT platform is now in its last phase, with the goal of offering increased exposure of CBUs to the search networksThis platform, under the name of NetCord Bridge, will enable participating banks to offer an enhanced and comprehensive set of data, and with the EMDIScord standard, offer unified online CB reportsWe see it as a benefit of being a NetCord Member, with no additional fee.

This is a major achievement for our group, and on behalf of NetCord, I wish to warmly thank Holger Gressman and David Steiner for their expertise and sustained efforts.

I invite you to read the attached documents (NetCord-description-of-data-mapping-document_V1 and Netcord-emdiscord-nmdp_V1 ) that will help you to adapt your databases to the new data structure. Many data fields in it are optional, which gives latitude to each bank to decide the extent of data they want to display. The plan is to come back to you early in 2013 with an agenda for the phasing out of the VO as we know it and full scale implementation of NetCord Bridge.

I also invite you to contact Holger ( or David ( if you or your IT specialist need technical information. Besides, the NetCord Website also contains valuable information.

On behalf of NetCord, I wish you happy holidays and hope to see you in 2013.

E. Baudoux

Dr E. Baudoux
The NetCord Foundation, President